System integration


Provide design, construction and maintenance to meet international (ISO11801) and China's industry wiring standards, which can complete shielded, unshielded copper cables and optical fiber communications implementation programs. The PDS integrated wiring system, which integrates computer network, telephone/fax communication, video conferencing and security monitoring system, is adopted to realize the unified management system of data automation, communication automation and office automation, and the intelligent system is equipped with advanced switching high speed Ethernet and ATM technology. Integration.

Network Planning

Provide a variety of WAN interconnection solutions, including VPN virtual private network, DDN point-to-point interconnection, FTTB + LAN point-to-point interconnection design and implementation. Provide a variety of WAN-based data, voice, and video conferencing solutions, including enterprise Internet system, VoIP voice gateway, TCP/IP or ISDN-based video conferencing system design and implementation. Provide a variety of LAN-based data and fax solutions, including enterprise Intranet system, LAN sharing network, LAN sharing fax system design and implementation. Provide a variety of network security solutions, including enterprise security firewall, administrator and end user security settings, anti-virus system, data backup, system disaster recovery design and implementation. Provide network management software installation and debugging, network data monitoring, information flow, data flow efficiency analysis and optimization. Establishment, debugging and optimization of telephone switching network.

Security monitoring

Provide the design and implementation of various network monitoring solutions for LAN and WAN based on TCP/IP. Provide the design and implementation of TCP/IP-based access control and attendance network version solution. Provide the design and implementation of infrared perimeter security alarm solutions.
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