About us

Established in March 2004, Shanghai Ranxu Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional Shanghai IT outsourcing service company. Always accompany and assist your IT specialists to make your work life easier.

Ranxu Network provides you with:

1)Provide enterprise information related services such as domain name registration, web hosting, corporate post office, website design, development, post-site maintenance, and promotion;

2)National enterprise users large, medium and small-scale IT outsourcing intimate services. We have professional Microsoft MCITP, Linux (RHCE), Cisco (CCNA/CCNP), Huawei, H3C, software development engineers, their years of experience and proficiency in English can ensure the quality of service.
Scope of business: IT outsourcing, network engineering, routers, switches, firewalls, network monitoring, computers, servers, access control systems, telephone program-controlled exchanges, monitoring, infrared alarm, video conferencing, teleconferencing, website construction, space and domain name, database maintenance, Golden Disc ERP maintenance and implementation. Professional computer consulting, computer maintenance, network debugging, display consulting, LAN, black screen, broadband installation, shared Internet access, computer upgrade, door-to-door consulting, laptop consulting, motherboard consulting, display consulting, hard disk repair and other services. You only need to dial a phone, we will arrive at your unit in 4-8 hours, timely to help you solve problems.

3)Network engineering projects providing integrated wiring for office, building and other local area networks, group telephones, video surveillance, telephone switch installation, program-controlled switches, etc.

4)Provide solutions for enterprise video conferencing, telephone conferencing, multimedia office, multimedia conference room system, school multimedia classroom solution, home multimedia cinema solution and hotel VOD system solution, etc.

We constantly attract experienced market, service, technical personnel, and form a passionate, efficient and high-quality team. At the same time, with a smooth sales and customer service system, we are more confident to provide customers with better service!

The company relies on its strong sense of service, rich experience in practice, so that customers through our service to achieve win-win situation is our greatest pursuit.

1. Science and technology: electronic technology, computer software/hardware, electronic computer technology, electronic technology, information technology, network technology, communication technology, photoelectric technology, technical services (four technical services).

2. Services: IT outsourcing (network engineering, server erection, computer installation consulting, ERP and database maintenance, software development, computer graphic design and production), education and training, agent advertising, communication engineering, electrical installation consulting services, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment installation, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, intelligent charging System installation, electronic measurement equipment maintenance, monitoring installation, access control installation, CNC equipment maintenance.

3. Trade categories: office automation equipment (printers, computer consumables, speakers and equipment, computer peripherals, projectors, etc.), network equipment (Cisco, Huawei, H3C - switches, routers, firewalls, etc.), telephone program-controlled exchanges (Panasonic, Siemens, NEC, China Federation, Guowei, Tongli, etc.), UP S, electronic products, communication equipment, infrared alarm equipment, monitoring equipment, access control equipment.
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