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US Bank Group ITAM Case

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Customer information:

The world famous luxury goods company has many kinds of products such as bags and jewelry. In recent years, with the rapid growth of business in China, growing team size and increasing dependence on IT, professional service providers are urgently needed to provide support and assistance.

Customer requirements:

● IT is divided into multiple teams, multiple levels, unclear responsibilities and powers, poor information
● Compatibility problems between enterprise applications and infrastructure are obvious, and failures occur frequently.
● Frequent data exchange with management organizations in Asia-Pacific and even globally requires high business continuity

Provided programmes:

● Implement authority and process management, clearly divide team authority and responsibility
● Establishment of 7x24 Shared Monitoring Center and timely issuance of alarms by highly customized monitoring tools
● Effective Threshold Tuning to Improve the Accuracy of Alarm
●Ranxu Third Line Support Team conducts a large amount of data analysis to provide safety advice for enterprises.

Customer revenue:

Expected cost savings are significant

Expectations of Self-built Service Desk with Customers
Compared with the cost, the price of Ranxu's products
It only accounts for 50% of its budget, but it works.
It achieves 120%.

Rapid improvement of false alarm rate

Expert debugging makes alarm accuracy significantly improved.
Some applications reduce the false alarm rate
More than 90% of them are satisfied with their services.

Quick onset

Infrastructure monitoring systems have emerged from scratch.
In January, the SLA compliance rate of trial operation increased to 98%.

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