IT outsourcing fees

Ranxu Network Technology Co., Ltd. provides intimate IT outsourcing services to business users in Shanghai.

Services include broadband routers, switches, computers, servers, shared devices, etc. Provide 1 - 3 visits per month, free telephone consultation and remote problem solving during the service period.

1. Open door-to-door maintenance service every month;

2. Cleaning and maintenance of computer equipment and network equipment;
3. Configuring the system that needs to be configured;
4. Optimize the computer, delete junk files, detect and kill viruses, and improve the responsiveness and efficiency of the computer.
5. Installation of necessary software for computers (e.g. Office, etc.)
6. Debugging network equipment, setting up computer network, detecting potential security risks and repairing them;
7. Make necessary patches for the operating system to prevent hackers and viruses from intruding.
8. Solve and deal with the problems that users encounter in their daily use.

IT equipment scale requirements:

Name of device IT设备数量
No/Cable Broadband Router 1 stations 1 stations 1 stations 1 stations
Switch 1-2stations 1-2stations 1-2stations 1-2stations
Wireless Information Point (AP) 1-2stations 1 stations 1 stations 0stations
Printer 1-2stations 1 stations 1 stations 1 stations
Broadband router with firewall maintenance 1 stations 1 stations 1 stations 0stations
DHCP Server Maintenance 1 stations 0stations 0stations 0stations
Broadband Router with DHCP Maintenance 1 stations 1 stations 1 stations 1 stations
Professional Software Maintenance 1sets 1sets 1sets 0stations
Server Maintenance (Web, FTP, etc.) 1 stations 1 stations 1 stations 0stations
Number of computers 25stations 20stations 15stations 10stations
Within three years, computers are not less than 10stations
6stations 4stations 3stations
Service type Standard Service Package Popular Service Package Affordable Service Package Economic Service Package
Service quotation 1000 yuan per month 800yuan per month 600yuan per month 400yuan per month
400-995-7858 /+86 021-34666578 /+86 189-3984-5858
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