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The world's leading auto parts supplier

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Customer information:

As a subordinate institution of a large bank with total assets of more than 1.3 trillion RMB, the Credit Card Center has introduced advanced technology and management support from overseas, and specializes in the branch of credit card business. At present, the bank has issued more than 3 million credit cards. The world's leading automotive parts supplier has 109 factories in 27 countries worldwide, providing high quality products and services for many well-known automotive brands, employing more than 60,000 people. Headquartered in Shanghai, China has 17 factories and 3 R&D centers in other first-and second-tier cities.

Customer requirements:

● Distribution of factories and R&D centers in more than ten cities requires the same quality of IT operations and maintenance services.
● Enterprise headquarters requires centralized IT management of factories to gradually achieve the unification of equipment and application.

Provided programmes:

● Front Line+Second Line: Fast Establishment of Front Line Service Desk and Second Line Support Team, from Decentralization to National Centralized Management

● Management Service Outsourcing: Using Management Outsourcing Scheme to Achieve the Double Requirements of High Quality and Low Cost for Customers
● User Training: Training of IT Troubleshooting for Factory Users

Customer revenue:

From Decentralized Management to Centralized Management

Help customers complete from "decentralized management - > centralized management"
The transition has enhanced the core role of IT headquarters.

TCO decreased significantly

The total cost of ownership of the service desk is 30% lower than the budget.

Perfect Rapid Response System

It can be effective in special and emergency situations such as power limitation.
Should, make business almost feel no impact;

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