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Customer information:

One of the world's top 500 pharmaceutical companies, leading pharmaceutical companies, have many R&D centers and production bases around the world, product sales cover more than 100 countries and regions, employing more than 50,000 people. At present, the company has offices in many major cities in China, and has its own R&D center in Shanghai.

Customer requirements:

● Thousands of medical representatives across the country are in urgent need of IT equipment and application support, and they are required to complete the construction of service desks within three months.
● The existing office space has high rent and is not easy to expand.
● Require high quality service desk operation and management quality

Provided programmes:

● External service desk: The deployment of service desk is completed within one month, which saves a lot of construction and maintenance costs for customers.
● High-level security standards: office space, network line independence, to ensure compliance with global uniform security standards
● Visual management: Ranxu network has Dashboard, keep abreast of the situation, provide suggestions for improvement, improve quality and efficiency

Customer revenue:

A Safety System Compliant with Global Standards

The security system meets the customer's 

global standards.Service quality 

and customer satisfaction
exceeding expectations;

TCO decreased significantly

Total Cost of Ownership of Service 

desks30% lower than budget;

Rapid deployment

External Desk Express Department within

 1 month.Departments completed to support 

sales representatives nearly 

5,000 employees nationwide.

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