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Cut costs through IT outsourcing

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  It's an old question, and we all wonder, "How can we do more with less resources?" In today's unstable economic environment, many organizations are seeking to cut costs in any way. Outsourcing IT functions can be a wise business initiative, especially when there is a lack of expertise. Through a new resource management approach, IT outsourcing can help large-scale enterprises do more with less resources.

In an article in Forbes magazine, Dan Miller, Massage EnvySpa's chief information officer, highlighted the economic benefits of outsourcing IT: "How do outsourcing IT decisions free my employees?" In this article, Miller elaborates on his primary goal as CIO: to lead an active IT department and develop a clear road map for the future. In CPISolutions, we see that many customers have the same goals. However, they continue to work hard to meet the common challenges of internal resource availability, which ultimately hinders the successful strategic roadmap.

"We need to provide new innovations quickly to improve the experience of our customer base, not to focus on maintenance. I want IT to be a real business driver and bring real value to the company. "- DanH. Miller, Chief Information Officer of Massage EnvySpa

Back in his new role as CIO, Miller recalled the state of the IT department: "... they got caught up in fire fighting mode and responded to every problem that came up - big or small - just to keep the system running properly." A passive approach disrupts the time and effort of long-term projects, thus paralysing the IT function. For Miller, this was a critical moment when he began to ask himself, "What do we want to focus on, where do we want to be next year, and who is the right person to get us there?"

If you haven't asked yourself these three questions, now is the time. In order to change from passive to active, your IT team must get rid of cracking and fixing problems. For Miller, being an active IT Department solution is a key function of outsourcing its infrastructure.

Finding the right partner is Miller's next challenge:

"Although cost is always a consideration, it's clear that we don't want to choose suppliers based solely on price - we want to weigh factors to find real business partners. One of our requirements is to find new partners that can be extended. If our suppliers are unable to support our growing number of locations and the volume of transactions we handle every day, then we will go back to the origin and the maintenance task will crowd out innovation. "

When considering the outsourcing function of IT department, reliability and security are the key points of evaluation. For most organizations, any loss of data or prolonged downtime can have a negative financial impact.

Ultimately, when you change from passive to active, you don't have to act alone. As Miller said, strategic outsourcing enables his IT team to concentrate energy where needed. Release IT capacity to enable them to launch projects that could not have been completed. Whether you decide to outsource the entire network or just specific functions, the CPI management service team will deal with heavy work here so that you can focus on what you are good at - making your business successful!
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