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a well-known international property insurance company

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Customer information:

Under the banner of internationally renowned insurance groups, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of property liability insurance.
There are many branches and sales branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Shenzhen. With more than 1,000 employees in China, the company is expanding its business vigorously.

Customer requirements:

To support national users, it is necessary to establish a standard IT service system
Specific extended services, including terminal training, VIP support, etc.
Comprehensive IT asset management, including inventory checking, etc.

Provided programmes:

● Shanghai and Guangzhou set up service desk seats to backup each other and switch seamlessly to ensure the continuity of disaster recovery.
● Establish on-site service teams in several major branches to cooperate with service desks to solve more than 99% of operational and maintenance problems.
● Organize IT project team to complete projects including asset inventory, user training, satisfaction survey, etc.

Customer revenue:

Customer satisfaction:

Continuous optimization of

 IT processes to improve

customersHousehold Satisfaction

SLA consistently enjoys high standards:

SLA always maintains the expected 

high standards for customers
Give positive affirmation

Short-term efficiency:

Establishing efficient branches 

in a short time
Holding System

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