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A domestic food giant

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Customer information:

Domestic key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization have more than 30 production bases in more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and have headquarters and branches. Enthusiasm for public welfare has won the unanimous praise of the Chinese people.

Customer requirements:

● Introducing Service Providers to Change the Current Chaotic IT Environment
● Efficient processing of service requests from 1500 terminals at Headquarters
● Improve service quality of service team and continuously reach SLA standard

Provided programmes:

● Establishing a service desk, receiving service requests through the service order system, and establishing standardized service process
● Equipped with a team of engineers on the customer site to quickly respond to IT support requests assigned by the help desk
● Background support teams provide high-level technical support for services such as servers, networks, applications, etc.

Customer revenue:

User satisfaction reached 99%.

ISO20000 as Standard Quality of Service Management
Process management to improve end-user satisfaction
99%, exceeding SLA;

Significant improvement in service efficiency

Service Desk and Field Support Engineer I
Second-line service mode,
Enhance the efficiency of IT support;

IT Management and Control Level to International Level

IT guided by ITIL has been established.
Operations and Maintenance System, Making Group IT
Management and Control Level Connecting with International Standards

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