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Benefits of proactive IT maintenance programs for your business

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  In life, as in business, we tend to continue using something until it stops working or becomes inefficient, because we rarely want to make payments that we think are unnecessary to replace it. However, when it comes to your IT assets, it's not a good idea to wait until your server or device stops functioning because it threatens your business continuity and costs more to repair in the long run. That's why it's always better to be safe rather than sorry, and to have an active IT maintenance plan.

In particular, small businesses may use their IT assets for as long as possible in order to derive great value from them and take a reactionary approach to their machine maintenance. This does save short-term costs, because IT support resources are not consumed by periodic fixes or hardware updates, and when using the OpEx model, it is invoked only for immediate attention. But with greater cost risks, business-critical machines suddenly need to be replaced, resulting in expensive downtime machines that need to be purchased and integrated into IT infrastructure companies, and a significant part of the lost IT budget.

When incurring such a huge and unexpected cost, the cost associated with conventional IT maintenance is relatively low, and the continuous monitoring and maintenance of IT hardware and software brings many benefits, including:

Reduce equipment downtime

The time and resources required to regularly check and update hardware and software are far less than the time and resources required to carry out major IT infrastructure overhauls and run equipment and systems to the ground. Replacing and integrating new IT assets almost certainly needs to stop in the business process, and when your business cannot start and run, it can't make money.

Better asset management

The more attention you pay to IT assets, the longer they will continue to work efficiently and effectively for you. Extending the service life of the equipment means that you can get as much value as possible from it, reduce the cost of frequent replacement, and thus improve your business bottom line. It boils down to the problem of putting a certain amount of money into regular maintenance or replacing multiple of worn assets.

Increase of efficiency

Properly maintained equipment and servers can continue to run efficiently for many years, as can your software assets. Periodic scans, updates and patches mean that you can monitor software efficiency and implement the required upgrades to keep it in a new state and keep your business ahead of your competitors.

More reliable

Keeping your software new also means that your network security measures (such as firewalls and other security protocols) can handle any new threats to your system or network. New viruses, hacker attacks and blackmail software can be maintained through regular scanning and security audits, which can detect and adopt new network threats. This means that you can rely on system security, which in turn means that your business becomes more reliable.

You may think that although the cost of conventional low-density IT maintenance may be small, there is still a need for paid IT support teams to perform these tasks, but the cost can also be achieved by hiring outsourced IT support teams. They can not only act as your IT service desk, manage any technical maintenance issues, maintenance and maintenance, but also act as virtual CTOs, supervise all aspects of IT assets, and ensure that all work reaches a high level of efficiency.

They can make IT maintenance plans for you, specifying what they will do and when, so that you can concentrate on your business and know safely that everything will be working properly.

Your outsourcing IT support team in London should provide proactive maintenance packages, including most (if not all) of the following:

Security scanning and updating, including firewall, virus and spyware protection

IT asset management for servers, hard drives, workstations, equipment and software

Backup and data recovery testing, business continuity planning and disaster recovery

Software and hardware procurement (usually at lower prices due to bulk licensing and leasing)

Secure integration of all mobile devices

Remote monitoring and analysis of server event logs to detect potential problems

Break-fix Outgoing Service

Secure remote access by certified IT experts to diagnose and solve technical problems immediately

All-weather call recording service with efficient ticketing management function

Full telephone or e-mail support

Reporting and auditing services

Advising, deploying and managing cloud and virtual services

In a positive attitude, with IT asset maintenance bank, your outsourced IT support team can not only effectively maintain the normal operation of the enterprise as today as much as possible help, but also help you in future work by developing an IT roadmap, which will outline the technical solutions you need to prove your business. 。 This will ensure that you stay ahead of the competition and are ready to meet the needs of your industry.
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