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Change your IT environment? Keep this in mind

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Five main reasons for outsourcing IT services are as follows:

1. Outsourcing is cost-effective

Cost reduction or containment are the main reasons for outsourcing IT functions. IT service providers have economies of scale. The cost of each seat or license is usually lower than the cost of doing the same job internally. Companies usually do not have to bear the same management costs in terms of personnel and equipment, which can reduce management costs.

2. Improvement and wider skills

Outsourcing enables your company to take advantage of the collective knowledge accumulated by your IT service provider over time and by many customers. Many providers have withdrawn employees from Fortune 500 companies, focusing on Cisco router management, Exchange management or SQL report writing. Most companies are not big enough to master these professional skills internally. They must have general IT skills to handle daily tasks.

3. Reducing risk

IT service providers have fault-tolerant systems, redundant systems and more professional staff to reduce the risk of system failure. In addition, they are usually more aware of new technological trends. These features enable them to provide more efficient and tested solutions. Instead of wasting time implementing unproven or short-term technical solutions, this will allow your company to stick to the end. Do you remember Vista?

4. Better support

IT service providers have dedicated personnel and systems to monitor your systems and data. Usually they will find and solve problems before you realize them. Today, many companies rely on in-house IT personnel who may be sleeping or sometimes unavailable. This is a huge risk for business continuity. The support provided by primary service providers is particularly useful for companies or global offices operating around the clock. They ensure that your team provides help when needed and that the system works properly.

5. Reducing Personnel Risk

Let's face it, many companies take huge risks in hiring IT employees. Most companies are trying to interview only IT personnel. In addition, many states find it difficult to terminate employees after 90 days of work. Some new employees provide adequate services and skills when they need advanced skills. This causes the company to stay on the slow lane until it happens. Outsourcing IT eliminates this risk because the company does not bear the burden of personnel. If you are not 100% satisfied, you can also negotiate flexible contracts that allow you to move to another company.

Outsourcing IT will increase more than ever in the next few years. Companies no longer communicate through simple routers over T-1 lines. Data and bandwidth requirements are increasing every year. Systems and data need to be rapidly expanded and maintained on-line all day. Redundancy and backup are some of the factors driving outsourcing transfer.

If you consider outsourcing some IT operations, Zewen IT outsourcing services can help your company make the right analysis and decision.
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