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Customer information:

Customer is a research and development and production enterprise of auto parts, with production bases and joint ventures in many cities. It is necessary to monitor the core applications and key equipment, and to reduce the failure rate and false alarm rate through process management to ensure business continuity.

Customer requirements:

● Manufacturing factories and branches are distributed in 17 cities in China and need remote configuration and monitoring.
● There are more than 160 servers, and more than 200 switches and other devices need to be monitored for availability.
● Reducing false alarm rate through management and improving the availability of core applications

Provided programmes:

● Draw technical experts to work on the spot, confirm the type and quantity of servers and monitoring points, and make preparations in advance.
● It takes only half a working day to realize the configuration of more than 200 devices and nearly 3000 data monitoring points on-line.
● Continuous threshold tuning to ensure the continuous improvement of alarm accuracy, core application availability and other indicators

Customer revenue:

High alarm accuracy

Key indicators have been significantly improved, and the alarm is accurate.
The accuracy rate increased from 78% to 98.75%.
The usability of the application increased from 95% to 98.26%.

Effective Business Continuity Guarantee

Due to proper pre-plan and effective service implementation,
Business in the whole process of implementation
I can't feel the impact.

Monitoring deployment is efficient

Complete nearly 400 equipments and more than 5000 monitoring points
Deployment, service quality exceeding expectations; implementation
The process strictly abides by the safety regulations, and the data is safe.

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