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How to delete a blank page

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Method 1, the method of deleting the last page of Word
If the blank page is on the last page, you can first position the cursor to the last page, then press the “Delete” or “Backspace” button on the keyboard to delete the blank page, as shown below.

Method 2, batch delete multiple blank pages in Word
If there are multiple blank pages in Word, you can do so with lookup substitution. Press Ctrl + H to open the Find Replacement window, then click More or Advanced, and select Manual Page Break in Special Format.

Then click "Replace All" to delete all blank pages.

Method three, Shift select all blanks to delete
Position the cursor behind the last character on the previous page of the blank page, hold down the "Shift" key on the keyboard, then drag the document to the bottom, and left click on the mouse. Press the "Delete" button on the keyboard to delete the blank.

Method four, delete the Word page break
Click on the menu bar "View" -> "Normal View", as shown below (Note: Word2003 version and Word2007 are "normal view", 2010, 2013 set to "draft")

Then you can see a dotted line, this is the page break, which is the reason why we have a blank page, delete it;

Finally, returning to the default "Page View" blank page is gone.

Method 5, blank pages caused by forms (pictures)
Sometimes after making or inserting a form, the form is too large and some forms are exceeded, which becomes a blank page that cannot be deleted. Solution, we can narrow the table a bit. (The same is true for the picture)
Method six, narrow the paragraph line spacing to delete blank pages
If only one line of the blank page cannot be deleted, you can first position the cursor on the blank page, then right-click "Paragraph", set the "Line spacing" to "Fixed value" in the property box, set the value to "1 lb", and then confirm The blank page is deleted.
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