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How to type the word underline

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Underlines are common in Word, but do you really know how to use them? Some friends asked, how did the underline come out? So this issue of Word sister to share with you the relevant skills on this issue.



1. Use space to underline

This is easy to operate, that is, first use the space bar to hit the space, then select the space, press Ctrl + U to underline.

Note: This method is mainly used in the case of less content, if more, press the space bar will be tired, and underline will "run" oh.

The specific operation is as follows:



2. Use tables to underline

This method can be used in many places, especially in writing some reports or papers, using tables can quickly align.

First, insert the corresponding table according to the actual needs, and input the corresponding content, then select the table set to no borders, and then select the place where the underline needs to be set to the next borders.

The specific operation is as follows:

Carefully you will find some dashed lines in the form. Don't worry at this time. Just select the layout and cancel the grid line.

The specific operation is as follows:



3. Making Underlines with Lines

This is achieved by using straight line graphics. Input the content first, then add the straight line.

The specific operation is as follows:



Do you know how to make underlines?

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