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Win10 activation method

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Last year, I bought an Apple computer, which is mainly used for office. Everyone knows our company's software: the partition assistant and easy backup are all based on Windows system. I bought an Apple computer or installed a dual system or a virtual machine. At that time, I mainly installed a dual system, and then I looked everywhere for the mirror of Windows 10. Like installation packages, downloaded three, and finally did not install them. Finally, I contacted Apple Computer Customer Service, which mainly provided me with a mirror installation for downloading Windows 10, and then the installation was successful.



In fact, I don't know why downloading three mirrors was unsuccessful. In my memory, the installation package of Windows 10 downloaded from other places is at most added by a third party. I don't know what other changes have been made. Now I think Windows 10 is more reliable.





Activation mode:
1. We recommend that you buy legitimate activation codes. After all, Microsoft has invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to develop the legitimate codes successfully. On the one hand, buying the legitimate codes is the recognition of Microsoft's Windows system, on the other hand, we hope that Microsoft will develop better systems for us to use in the future.





2. Third party activation, that's a lot; KMSAuto is recommended.
Download address:
During the download and installation process, please note that there will be many other software in it, which should be removed.

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