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How to convert from gpt format to mbr format

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2. Press Shift + F10 to open the command prompt.


3. Enter "Diskpart" (without quotation marks, the same below) and press Enter to enter the operation interface.

4. Enter: "list disk" to view disk information. Pay attention to the disk capacity to choose. The 465G Disk 0 is a hard disk and the 3852M Disk 1 is a U disk for Win7 installation.

5. Enter: "Select disk 0" and select disk 0 as the current operating disk.

How to convert GPT format to MBR format Beijing IT outsourcing No. 5

怎么从gpt格式转换成mbr格式 北京IT外包 第5张 

6. Enter: "Clean" to clear the current disk partition.


7. Input:'convert mbr'to MBR partition.


8. When the operation is completed, close the command prompt window and continue to install the Win7 system in the normal way.

Extended knowledge: Other uses of the convert command:

Convert basic - Converts disks from dynamic to basic.

Convert dynamic - Converts disks from basic to dynamic.

Convert GPT - Converts disks from MBR to GPT.

Convert MBR - Converts disks from GPT to MBR.
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