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An international shipping company

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Customer information:

Global freight logistics leader, service network covering more than 220 countries and regions, 285,000 employees worldwide, to provide customers with fast professional services.

Customer requirements:

●It needs the centralized management and support of professional IT service desk to ensure the normal development of main business and the whole market monitoring.
● Implementing 7x24 Hours to Support International Business and VIP User Support

Provided programmes:

● The establishment of front-line service desk in Ranxu and Customer Office ensures the overall configuration of infrastructure, seating and management.
● Provide 7 x 24 hours multilingual support to ensure uninterrupted user international business
● Using ITSM (Service Management) tool E-Service Desk developed independently according to ITIL standard to standardize operation process

Customer revenue:

SLA consistently enjoys high standards
SLA always maintains the expected high standards for customers
Give positive affirmation;

TCO continues to decline

Total Customer Ownership Cost TCO Continues
Down to middle;

The rate of first-line solutions has increased substantially
The first-line solution rate of the service desk has been greatly increased and the first-line and second-line distribution has been improved.
It basically solves all the IT service needs of customers.

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