Pharmaceutical and medical industry

US Bank Group ITAM Case

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Customer information:

One of the world's top 500 pharmaceutical companies, product sales cover more than 100 countries and regions. There are nearly 6,000 employees in China, headquartered in Shanghai. At present, there are offices in 11 cities throughout the country.

Customer requirements:

● Low accuracy of IT assets, especially mobile IT devices
● The purchase of 2500 mobile IT devices makes IT asset management more complex
● Need to establish perfect IT asset management system as soon as possible

Provided programmes:

● Based on business research, analysis of the reasons, prescribe the right medicine
● Customize the change process that covers the entire life cycle of IT assets to effectively address IT mobile device management challenges
● E-Service Desk, a self-developed tool based on ITIL standards, solidifies management processes

Customer revenue:

Customer Satisfaction
Continuous optimization of IT processes to improveCustomer Satisfaction

Fixing IT Asset Management Process

Through the solidification of service 

management tools,enterprise IT capitalThe 

production management process is more 

complete and reasonable.

Effective support for mobility
Under the new asset management scheme, 

2500 sales agentsMobile devices of 

tables are effectively supported.

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