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Customer information:

As a subordinate institution of a large bank with total assets of more than 1.3 trillion RMB, the Credit Card Center has introduced advanced technology and management support from overseas, and specializes in the branch of credit card business. At present, the bank has issued more than 3 million credit cards. One of the world's largest direct-selling giants from the United States, the products are mainly health care products and personal care products. In 2003, it formally entered China and set up franchised stores and direct selling businesses in many cities. The distribution of direct selling stores in China has a huge span, including the first, second, third and fourth-tier cities.

Customer requirements:

●Establish a unified service desk in a short period of time to support direct and non-direct sales personnel PC widely distributed in many cities
● Due to the great differences between stores, SLA is required to provide more flexible services and professional feedback reports.

Provided programmes:

● Quick construction, fast implementation, fast migration, complete the on-line operation of the service desk within 2 months
● Make use of existing ITSM tools for process management to ensure SLA achieves
● Provide professional reports including service management, personnel management, performance appraisal, etc.

Customer revenue:

From Decentralized Management to

Centralized Management

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Core Role of IT Headquarters

Specialized services
Ranxu management experts put forward big 

ideas for enterprisesQuantity Improvement, 

Efficiency Reduction and Reasonable Cost ReductionSuggestions to increase the 

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Quality of service

Trict compliance with safety standards, continuousOptimizing Service Flow

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