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US Bank Group ITAM Case

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Customer information:

As a global financial service group with high chain and complete business categories, the customer provides a wide range of financial products and services to about 200 million customers worldwide. So far, the bank group has branches in more than ten major cities in China, providing diversified financial services to multinational corporations, joint ventures, local enterprises and individuals.

Customer requirements:

● With the rapid growth and wide distribution of IT assets, there is an urgent need for unified and effective management of IT assets.
● Use assets inventory and effective management to improve asset utilization and reduce total cost
● Information security, through auditing and compliance requirements

Provided programmes:

● Setting ITIL management philosophy to the ground, making the change process cover the entire life cycle of IT assets
● From asset storage to scrap, every step is strictly supervised and information verified, and the original process is further optimized.
● Using data comparison tools to break the information island: cross-comparison of assets data from physical inventory, online inventory and change management output, and unified management
● Through the inventory, statistics and management planning of assets, help enterprises to improve the utilization rate of assets

Customer revenue:

Significant improvement in work efficiency

Through the use of tools, asset

 inventory process,The work 

efficiency has been improved by 30%.

Reducing Purchasing Cost

Reducing customers due to increased 

utilization of IT assetsIT 

procurement cost 15%;

Breaking the Information Isolation

Breaking the Information Isolation 

of IT AssetDatabases,The interest 

rate has been greatly increased

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