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A well-known international property insurance company

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Customer information:

As a subordinate institution of a large bank with total assets of more than 1.3 trillion RMB, the Credit Card Center has introduced advanced technology and management support from overseas, and specializes in the branch of credit card business. At present, the bank has issued more than 3 million credit cards.

Customer requirements:

● Hundreds of servers, thousands of terminals, network applications and other core IT systems for foreign migration
● Require strict protection of information security in the migration process and ensure the normal use of the migrated end users

Provided programmes:

● Migration Design: Participate in pre-migration design, virtual architecture testing, data migration testing and other pre-system work.
● Risk Response: Adequate Risk Assessment, Response Planning and Measures for the Whole Process of Migration Implementation
● SOE Construction: Building IT Standard Operating Environment and Operating Manual to Enter IT System into Normal Operation and Maintenance after Migration

Customer revenue:

Fault Rate Decline

Due to the successful deployment of

 SOE, after migrationCustomer's Single 

Setting in Three Months.The standby 

failure rate decreased by 17%.

Smooth transition

After adequate preparation, the migration

will be completed.End-user immediately 

put into use, business continuity
Sex is not affected.

Specialized services

Ranxu management experts have put forward 

a lot of suggestions for enterprises.Improving 

efficiency and rationalizing cost reduction
Suggestions to increase the added value of services;

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